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The new coronavirus infection that has spread all over the world has brought up the issue of "how should we face this infectious disease" in the age of globalization and fast technology. We, the next generation of musicians, are asking ourselves what we can do in the difficult situations we are in today, in terms of communication, working styles, family relationships, and understanding of others. We have launched the Aspen Online Concert: Save The Young Artists project to nurture and connect to the future.



As the pandemic coronavirus infection continues to spread, young musicians are in a particularly difficult situation. At this time when they are trying to highlight the high technology and musicality that they accumulated since childhood, they suddenly lose the place to perform and starting to lose daily motivation.

We aim to provide a venue for these talented young people to perform and to promote ticket-style online distribution to promote the joy of playing, awareness as a professional musician, and further growth as an artist.


Venue & Production

A grand piano will be set up in the company to shoot the salon concerts.

While paying close attention to infection prevention while shooting, we will introduce new ideas for camera angles and recording methods, and will try to devise something unique to online that cannot be experienced at venue performances.

These performances will be VOD(Video On Demand)-delivered from our website as ticket-based performances.

In addition to performances, this project aims to promote a wide range of cultural exchanges such as lectures, collaborations and dialogues with different industries, and we hope to help young musicians raise their awareness and broaden their horizons.



In the future, the connection between young performers and digital devices will become more familiar. By devising the sound and camera angle at the time of shooting, and the experience of being involved in advertising and distribution by themselves will be a great asset for them in the future.

Also, even after the performances in the hall are resumed, the distribution concert will be a new viewing title for audience who struggle watching the concert at the venue.



世界中に広がった新型コロナウイルス感染症は、グローバル化やIT化の時代に、「私たちは感染症にどう立ち向かえばよいのか」という課題を浮かびあがらせました。コミュニケーション、働き方、家族のありよう、そして他者への理解など現在私たちがおかれた難しい状況のなか、音楽に携わるものとして何ができるのかを自らに問い、私たちは次世代の音楽家を育み未来へつなぐための、Aspen Online Concert - Save The Young Artistsプロジェクトを立ち上げました。






Venue & Production





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